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DLS Flatbox 1' 15AWG Super Flat Stereo Speaker Cable 1.6

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  • A super flat stereo cable, only 1.8 mm thick and 11 mm wide
  • Ideal for wall mounting or under a carpet
  • Can be taped on the wall with double-sided adhesive tape
  • The cable is made of compressed thin plated OFC braid making the cable super flat and highly flexible
  • The thin plated copper contributes to a better sound quality by minimizing the skin-effect and making less current jumps between the wire surfaces
  • A perfect cable for Flatbox installations
  • Cable area 2 x 1.6 mm2 / AWG15
  • For length more than 1 foot, please indicate how many feet you would like by indicating it in the quantity field.
  • 10-48005
  • Type: Super flat stereo cable
  • Area: 2 x 1.6 mm2 / AWG15
  • Color: White
  • Wire material: Tin plated OFC copper
  • Jacket: Heat & ageing res. PVC
  • Length: 1 ft
  • Size: 1.8mm x 11mm
  • R, resistance: 10.8 ohm / km
  • L, inductance: 0.36 mH / m